Top 30 Thinking Of You Quotes

Love is a strong feeling where you cannot stop yourself thinking of your loved ones. Thinking about your loved ones puts a smile on your face. It refreshes you and helps keeping your love alive. Thinking of you quotes helps you in expressing your feelings. If you are already in love, you might know that … Read more

50+ Best Love SMS In Hindi For Girlfriend

Text messages often makes relationship bonds more stronger. We have picked 50 best love SMS in Hindi for girlfriend which you can try to impress your loved one. Love SMS plays significant role in love bonding and mutual understanding between the couples. And mother tongue fills emotions in conversations. So pick your favorite one from … Read more

Top 30 Love Shayari For Him

Here is a list of Top 30 Love Shayari for Him, picked by us that you will love to share with your loved ones. These are loving lines with deep meaning inside. Let’s go through… वो मुझपे अजीब असर रखता है , मेरे दिल की तमाम ख़बर रखता है , शायद मैं उसे भूल ही … Read more

Sad Shayari In Hindi

Sad Shayari is a perfect way to express our inner sadness and emotions. Sad expressions are extremely powerful in itself and there is nothing better than expressing them with Sad Shayari. Here is a perfect collection of Sad Shayari which you can choose from and share with your loved ones. जब प्यार के एहसास को समझ … Read more

Top 2 Lines Shayari That You Can Share Right Now

Top 2 lines shayari

Shayaries are being used in conversations since a long time. Shayaries are pleasant to hear. Here is a nice collection of 2 lines shayari which you can effectively use in conversations and impress others. कहते थे जो दिल क्या चीज़ है जान भी लुटा देंगे, आज कहते है छोड़ दो हाथ मेरा, इज़्ज़त का सवाल … Read more

Best Love Messages To Share With Your Partner.

Best Love Messages

Love her … When she sips on your coffee. She only wants to make sure it tastes just right for YOU! Love her… When she is jealous. Out of all the men she can have, she chose YOU! Love her… When her cooking is bad. She tries for YOU! Love her… When she makes you … Read more