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Gulzar Quotes In English

Here are some of the best Gulzar quotes taken from his work and interviews:

Walk through the pages of a book and you’ll find characters, like old friends in the corridors of time.

A good storyteller is the conscience-keeper of a nation.

Gulzar Quotes In English: A good storyteller is the conscience-keeper of a nation.
Gulzar Quotes in English…

When people meet me and call me by my real name, I don’t appreciate it. I feel as if they are boasting that they know my real name.

I have one little complaint with the younger generation. They always look at the present as very shrunken and defective. It’s no good. The older generation may live in its past, in nostalgia. The streets were small, then. The homes were small. Life itself was small. Society was small. Nothing was open like it is today. Today is much bigger.

When you face your fear, you become familiar with it and familiarity makes it lose its meaning, loosen its grip—fear ceases to be fear.

The wounds will take decades to heal, centuries to overcome the trauma.

Gulzar Quotes In English

Poems of any length are inherently complete in themselves.

I believe words should amaze or amuse. Only then will the listener want to understand the meaning of the song.

Dreams heed no borders, the eyes need no visas With eyes shut I walk across the line in time All the time.

I have always said that in print, a poem needs space to breathe.

That which passes, isn’t time. You and I are transitory, time is eternal. Or rather, it passes and is yet eternal.

Everyday life is much more interesting to me than big, abstract theories. Through my poetry, I aim to reflect our times. I don’t want to dwell on the olden days, although it is a period I mention often.

It is believed that a community, a society, a nation is as strong and healthy as the stories they tell themselves.

English Quotes By Gulzar
Gulzar quotes and shayari…

I usually write words on the meter of the tune. It could be the other way round, and the composer will write the tune based on my words and meter.

All I wanted was a moment alone, to sit and weep.

You can’t progress unless you learn not only to receive criticism but also to invite criticism.

I feel that India’s story is like walking up a spiral on a mountain. You walk and walk and then you turn and you can see the sky.


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